About Us

Here at Abantu Mini Market we are all about bringing you the sun-drenched flavours of Africa. We specialise in South African and Zimbabwean foods, including meats, nuts, beans, fruits, sauces, marinates and snacks. Whether you want to get a nostalgic taste of home or like to try out new earthy flavours of the Great Continent, Abantu Mini Market has everything you need. With a dash of Zimbabwean hot sauce or delicious South African fruit jam, you can brighten everyday dishes with our authentic African flavours.


As foodies, we love to bring the true tastes of sub-tropical Africa to everyone in the UK. Our products are versatile, enabling you to try the authentic flavours from the vast continent in many different ways. Flavoursome breakfast spreads and scrumptious sauces are just a few products that can transform everyday meals such as toast and chips.


We take great care to source the best and highest quality products from trusted suppliers. You will see that our extensive product range caters particularly for the cuisines of South Africa and Zimbabwe. With an expanding product range, we soon hope to offer products that cater for most African dishes. Ultra-healthy staples such as sun-dried Nyimo (Bambara groundnut), samp and maise meal serve as nutritious gluten-free alternatives to wheat and pasta. That’s not all. If you like Africa’s fruity flavours, we’ve got some refreshing drinks bursting with a tangy zing to quench your thirst.


To see how you can bring Africa’s authentic flavours to your plate, head to our products page to discover our fabulous products.


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